Church Planting Teams

We have teams in several locations in Senegal. They are living among the population and their aim is to be ambassadors for Christ, showing his love and concern for all people, regardless of age, culture, status or past experiences. We want to see these people worshipping Christ in way that is relevant to their culture.

House of Hope

We are working in partnership with the House of Hope, a children’s ministry in Dakar. Help those children who have nobody else to help them – that’s what the House of Hope is doing.

Other Partnerships

Why should we re-invent the wheel if others have done it before? We are convinced of the value and blessing of working in strategic partnerships, allowing us to achieve things we couldn’t do on our own and demonstrating God’s love by working together in unity.

Bourofaye Christian School

BCS was originally set up to provide an education for the children primarily of WEC missionaries in Senegal and surrounding countries. 

Support Services

In order to support all these ministries we run appropriate support structures. Some of our members are fully involved in this, serving the ones doing the ‘front line work’ and liberating them to fully focus on their ministry.