Church Planting

We have teams in several locations in Senegal. They are living among the population and their aim is to be ambassadors for Christ, showing his love and concern for all people, regardless of age, culture, status or past experiences. We want to see these people worshipping Christ in way that is relevant to their culture.

Fulakunda outreach team

The Fulakunda people have turned to Islam only about 70 years ago. Today almost all of them are Muslims. WEC started its work over 80 years ago in the southeast of Senegal, called the Fuladou area. Today, despite the many workers following in each other’s footsteps year after year, there are just a few Fulakunda followers of Jesus. The members of our team live with the people, visit them, share their joys and sorrows, pray with them and share their faith in Christ using various means of communication, praying that God will open their hearts.

‘Seed’ outreach team

The ‘Seed’ outreach team is based in a small village in the southeast of Senegal. People are farming crops and have some cattle. Most of them are poor and bad harvests can make life incredibly difficult for them. They are proud to be Muslims and are serious in the outworking of their religion. Our team is part of the community, helping in the fields and housework, participating fully in village life, always seeking opportunities to share their faith in Christ with the people around them.

Dakar suburbs

All people groups of Senegal are represented in the suburbs of Dakar. Almost all of them speak the main trade language, Wolof. It is estimated that one in three young people in the suburbs of Dakar has no paid work, probably more. The result is a very difficult economic situation and fairly high potential for radicalisation. Many of them have lost confidence in the authorities and have no hope.

God alone can give hope to these people. «Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life» John 6:68. They desperately need Jesus!

The members of the Parcelles outreach team are building friendships, helping kids with homework, distributing calendars in Wolof, sharing video clips on the smartphone and doing discipleship with those interested in the gospel.

In Keur Massar, we have a team in partnership with the WEC related church. This church has an increasing desire to reach those unreached by the gospel. Our team is joining up with one of these churches in the suburbs, sharing the gospel in ways that are relevant to the people and through various activities.

Fula Community

Community is very important for Fula people. Usually living in large families, those following Jesus will often lose this community around them, they’re no longer welcome to be part of it. As a community of believers, the Fula Community & discipleship ministry wants to meet these needs and be

  • an oasis – for believers to have a retreat
  • a refuge – to stay if persecuted and thrown out from their homes
  • a house of prayer – for Fula believers and seekers
  • a farming community -where they can farm to sustain themselves and their families, where we can walk alongside them to encourage them in their faith, where they can feel fully Fula at the same time as fully a believer in Jesus