Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Focus

Our focus is the Muslim population of Senegal and we work “to enable communities of followers of Jesus to start, grow and multiply among the Muslim peoples of Senegal”.


WEC work in Senegal started in 1936 amongst the Fulakunda people in the south of Senegal and has grown and changed throughout the years. At the moment we focus on the Fula, Soninke, Maures, Wolof and the Wolophone of Dakar and its suburbs. Seeing the need, we opened an international school for children of missionaries called BCS (Bourofaye Christian School) and it is now situated in Kiniabour. Visit their website for more information.


We are registered in country as Mission Evangélique de l’Afrique Occidentale (MEAO).

WEC values

We hold tightly to the vision and mission of WEC International and have based our calling in Senegal on the platform that WEC has established. Our Branch has approximately 50 people from around 12 different countries. We meet once a year for our annual conference where we have time together in worship, prayer, teaching and business meetings. We encourage our workers to work in teams so that there is support structure built in. Each member is part of fellowship team that meets on a regular basis to provide fellowship and support. (Find out more about WEC here.)