Annual Day of Prayer 2020

Join us in prayer for Senegal!

Annual Day of Prayer

In 2016, the first Sunday in June became the Annual Day of Prayer for Senegal. Every year, Christians and churches from all over the world come to the feet of the Lord to intercede for the country of Teranga (hospitality) and to ask for the salvation of the Senegalese people. This year it is Sunday, 7 June 2020, that we pray according to the 7 “I AM” of Jesus. Click on the different links to access the information in your language, and let the Holy Spirit lead you according to His will. May the glory of God, revealed in Jesus Christ, shine everywhere in Senegal!

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Below you find the flyer for the Annual Day of Prayer in various languages:

Annual day of Prayer for Senegal 2020

Journée Annuelle de Prière pour le Sénégal 2020

Jährlicher Gebetstag für Senegal 2020

Día de oración anual por Senegal 2020

Dia de oração anual pelo Senegal 2020

Korean – Annual day of Prayer for Senegal 2020

Jaarlijkse dag van gebed voor Senegal 2020